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Windows Containers: Configuring Networking and Installing Minecraft

This video covers installing Minecraft inside a Windows Server container. In the first part I show how to configure DHCP networking for the container and then I use that networked container to install and configure Minecraft.

The Minecraft example comes from Microsoft’s GitHub “samples and scripts” github repository Samples and scripts..

The specific steps come from this file Minecraft Example.

Introduction to Containers in Windows Server 2016

I’m starting a screencast series on container support in Windows Server 2016. The goal of this series is to (1) get me blogging again, using screen casting as motivation and (2) explore Windows Server container support.

Here’s the first video providing an introduction to Windows Server containers. Its a little less than 20 minutes long and I explain the “why” of containers from my perspective, then I walk through creating a basic container, and finally I point out some of the characteristics of the container vs the host.